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Steinwasen Park near Freiburg

A delight for the senses is provided by the world’s longest rope bridge, on which one can “buoyantly” cross the valley floor over a length of 218 metres at a height of 30 metres.


In the Steinwasen Park you can observe over 20 wild animal species in natural, spacious enclosures on raised stands and from vantage points.

Apart from a summer toboggan run and white water rafting, there is also a petting zoo that is very popular among children.

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Basel Zoo

Basel’s inhabitants fondly call it “Zolli”. Here, a fascinating park landscape blends with an old tree population and lovingly designed animal enclosures to form a zoo.


The animals may tell stories there: for instance, hippopotamuses, ostriches, and zebras share an enclosure, a coexistence that repeatedly generates surprise.

In the Etosha House, over 25 animal species can be looked up in the maps. Cheetahs, African wild dogs, and meerkats have also gotten enclosures recently.

In the summer of 2003, “Gamgoas”, the new house with a nature conservation exhibit, underwater glimpses of the world of Nile crocodiles, and a video feed from inside a white ant hill, was opened.

In autumn the lions returned again to the Zolli. In the ape enclosure, the young gorillas run their family off their feet and the female elephants had all their trunks full.

The sea lions are every bit as feisty, when the water acrobats are being fed or the young ones are enjoying swimming and diving lessons.

Even among the endangered Somalian wild donkeys, long-desired offspring have arrived.

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Europa Park Rust

The Europa Park Rust is worth a visit during all seasons of the year.
It is Germany’s largest leisure park and offers a wide range of attractions for all ages.

While the mega-cool summer weeks attract visitors to the numerous water attractions with refreshing driving fun, it becomes really spooky in autumn during the spookily beautiful Halloween.

Christmas is in the air during the magical winter months.

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Drop sawmill in Fröhnd

One of the main attractions in the Southern Black Forest is the drop sawmill in Fröhnd. Constructed in 1808, it is a true marvel of stone and wood construction and was built without mortar and concrete. Iron was used only where it was absolutely necessary.


With a gradient of 50 centimetres, the water drives the wheel with a diameter of three metres, the oaken main shaft raises the saw blade.

While plunging, the blade bites into the tree trunk and is cushioned underneath by a wooden construction with a knocking sound, which explains the name “Klopfsäge” [knocking saw].

In the months of May to October it is operational on Sundays for presentation purposes and can be viewed daily.

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Erdmannshöhle Hasel

The Erdmannshöhle Hasel is one of the oldest dripstone caves in Germany.


Some giant dripstones increase the giant fascination of the cave. One of them is Germany’s largest and oldest dripstone over four metres high and over two metres wide at the base. It is estimated to be over one million years old.

The caves owes its name to the meerkats, which used to inhabit it according to legend. Even the great popular poet Johann Peter Hebel integrated the legend into some of his works.

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Laguna Badeland

The Laguna offers swimming enthusiasts everything fun.

For instance, the 65-metre giant slide straight into the large indoor swimming pool with artificial waves. The visitor can feel like they are in the Carribean in the high surf. A heated outdoor pool (32 degrees) with massage bays. “Pirates” and “sea robbers” will find a world of adventure with luge tracks, counter-current system, climbing ropes, and water grotto.

The Laguna Badeland is water fun for the whole family.

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Vogelpark Steinen [Steinen Bird Park]

Experience the colourful world of the birds. The Vögelpark Steinen has over 1,000 birds from 300 different species on offer.

Various shows are offered daily.

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Hasenhorn Coaster Toboggan Run Todtnau

Since Christmas 2004, the fastest toboggan run in the entire Black Forest has been in operation in Todtnau’s local mountain, the Hasenhorn.

On rail-bound coaster-sleds you head 2.9 km towards the valley on rails – up to thirteen metres above ground! Roundabouts, steep turns, and other surprises provide unparalleled driving fun.

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Wiesental Textile Museum in Zell

The museum which was opened in 1996 displays exhibits about the textile industry that was so important for Wiesental.

You can view mechanical looms, spinning machines, winding machines, and dyeing machines. A picture documentation shows the stages of development from cottage industry through the first factories to industrial production.

A department dedicated to the textile cottage industry shows a sewing school as was typical of the region. Apart from a variety of sewing machines, textile needleworks, e.g. knitting, artistic knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, and lace-making are displayed in partly very elaborate originals.

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Germanefescht in Mambach

One of the main attractions in Mambach is undoubtedly the Germanefescht. In the year 1986, it was decided that the Germanenfest be organised publicly for the first time.

The “Eichenbrändle” was selected as the fairgrounds. At the time, a procession of 30 to 40 persons was accompanied by a pony cart upwards to the fairgrounds. This spectacle takes place every 2 years and Mambach becomes a proper pilgrimage site.

The next feast will hold on 6 August 2010.

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