The history of the Hotel Restaurant Löwen

The building was constructed about 300 years ago. It was initially used as an inn for travellers as well as a post and horse-changing station. Over the years, the country inn evolved into a hotel.

The Löwe has always been under family management. The Bauer family have been the owners of the Löwe since 1950. Together with an experienced team, Peter and Ria Bauer managed the hotel and the accompanying restaurant.

Since 1 March 2004, the hotel and the restaurant have completely passed into the ownership of the Tanja and Mike Kiefer family. The entire staff was taken over. Tanja and Mike Kiefer have been working successfully in the Löwe since 1997. Tanja Kiefer as a waitress and Mike Kiefer as a chef. After the takeover of the company by the Kiefer family, the high level in cuisine and service is therefore still guaranteed.

Typical for the Löwe is the warmth with which you are received. The culinary delicacies that are served, the really cosy restaurant, the side rooms with an exquisite atmosphere, and the comfortably furnished rooms.

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